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Board of Directors Members Members
Gary Wolfe
Chuck Barth
Glen Grossman
Gregory Robinson
Rick Wallace
Stuart Adams
Tod Turley
Jeff Beaumont

Greg Karathanas DD
John Distefano ASSRD

Bill Fish
Charles Hogan
Chris Clark
Chris Hillman

Chris Marsh
Chris Wheeler
Danny Lupold
Dave Yung
David Stumpf
Dorothy Twitchell
Doug Barnett
Gordy Walker
James Campbell
Jason Curtis
JJ Mitchel 
Justin Williams
Kenn Miller

Kyle Uebelhardt

Marcus McKinnon
Mark Avery

Matt Grainger
Maurice Azcarate
Mike Cicchi
Mike Gonzalez
Omar Spina
Paul Harris
Paul Lorusso
Ralph Herman
Ron Allin
Ron Kessler
Scott Thomas
Tom Arnold
Tom Sheppard
Wayne Kubik
Wes Faria

Will Jessberger
Yair Vetchtein




2010 Race Results


Poor Kids College Road Race

Boulevard Road Race Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium
Gary Wolfe, 4th (cat 4)
Maurice Azcarte, 11th (masters 45+)
Chris Hillman, 9th (cat 5)
Chris Clark, 15th (cat 5)
Lisa Campbell, 3rd (women 3-4)
Lisa Campbell, 1st (women 3-4)
Gary Wolfe, 4th (cat 4)
Roger Herman, 2nd (30+, 4-5)
Gary Wolfe, 4th (30+, 4-5)
Lisa Brinton, 6th (women 3-4)



2009 Race Results





Sisquoc Road Race

Brentwood Grand Prix

SCNCA Road Championship

Maurice Azcarate, 1st (4)

Dave Yung, 3rd (4-5)
Gary Wolfe, 4th (4-5)

Gary Wolfe, 1st (30+ 3-5)
Rick Wallace, 5th (50+)
Paul Harris, 8th (4)
Tom Arnold, 8th (5)

Lisa Campbell, 1st (Women 4)
Lisa Brinton, 2nd (Women 4)


SCNCA TTT Championships

SCNCA TT Championships

San Pedro Grand Prix

Maurice Azcarate, 2nd (180+)
Danny Lupold, 2nd (180+)
Marcus McKinnon, 2nd (180+)
Dave Yung, 2nd (180+)
Maurice Azcarate, 2nd(4) Yair Vetchein, 3rd (5)
Golden State Criterium Barry Wolfe Grand Prix Chuck Pontius Criterium
Lisa Brinton, 3rd (4) Gary Wolfe, 4th, (30+, 3-4)
Lisa Campbell, 4th, (Women 30+, 3-4)
Maurice Azcarate, 2nd, (4)
Maurice Azcarate, 1st, (40+, 3-4)
Lisa Brinton, 4th, (Women 3-4)
Devils Punch Bowl UCLA Road Race Boulevard Road Race
Paul Harris, 2nd, 40+, 4-5)
Gary Wolfe, 3rd, 40+, 4-5)
Lisa Campbell, 1st, (Women 4)
Lisa Campbell, 2nd, (Women 4) Lisa Campbell, 2nd, (Women 4)
Poor Kids College Road Race    
Danny Lupold, 1st, (4)
Lawrence Baum, 3rd, (5)
Lawrence Baum, 3rd, (40+)


Fast Friday Gives Back

FAST FRIDAY GIVES BACK -  Fast Friday team member's live and feel strongly about giving back to their community. Fast Friday as a team is dedicated to making a difference through our cycling events and contributions at many local charities. Creating xxx art is not easy, but those girls know how to do it and they ride their bikes a lot to get fit for the shootings. Fast Friday generously contributes time and resources as we are a top tier annual fund-raising team for the Ventura MS Society Ride. Working to become slim and to be in wow porno films takes time and determination but we now it's possible! Treat yourself once in a while and go to RealityKings website. Learn a few positions, watch movies, take notes. We participate in 'Ride Your Bike', and we co-sponsor the annual Barry Wolfe Grand Prix. Fast Friday also provides ride leadership for weekly Saturday community bike rides from Newbury Park Bike Shop.

Race Team

About Fast Friday

Fast Friday began as a grass roots effort and was officially formed in 2007. We are non-profit cycling team based out the Conejo Valley. We train throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. We’re more than 50 members strong.

Fast Friday racers actively compete in Road, Criterium, Time Trial, Mountain Bike, Triathlon and Ultra Endurance Races. Fast Friday has produced four State Road Champions in the past two years and a State Mountain Bike Champion. We have numerous podium finishes in all events.

We love to ride and race hard, but we never forget that having fun is all that matters.

Our Moto — "Where Every Day is Friday!"


Team Bike

TEAM BIKE Team Fast Friday is proud to call the Cannondale SuperSix Hi-Mod our official team bike. This Giro d'Italia winner boasts high-modulus carbon tubes for exceptional efficiency and blink-quick acceleration, while the oversize front end houses a carbon fork with a massive tapered steerer for corner-carving precision.Have you ever wondered what film models do to stay in such a great shape? Many of them ride their bikes at least twice a week. Even milf babes do it, just check their curves to see the proof!

And, the speed continues with the specs. I guess you how slim body must look to get that wow factor, so go to the gym and ride your bike regularly! Cannondale's Hollowgram cranks spin on ceramic bearings so every watt goes to dropping wheel suckers. There are some people who think they don't need to do sports, like those femjoy nude models. But they are wrong. You can see the example of how any girl should look at .


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